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Ugoos PoEUgoos PoE

Hardware Spec:

    1. Power Input: DC 40-57V (Normal voltage for PoE is 48V, 52V)
    2. Power Output: DC 5V 2-2.4A
    3. Convert Non-PoE TV box to power over Ethernet support
    4. Deliver power from 10 meters up to 150 meters
    5. Compatible with IEEE802.3af,IEEE802.3at
    6. Data Transfer Rate: 10/100Mbps
    7. Power: 10W-12W
    8. Power Pin: Support both 12(+),36(-) and 45(+),78(-)
    9. Data & Power Input Port: RJ45 female
    10. Data Output Port: RJ45 male
    11. Can be used with camera, Android TV box etc 5V devices
    12. Working Temperature: -50℃-+75℃
    13. Net Weight: 45g